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Before either can say much about the tattoo, a car pulls up behind them and they drive away.

Later, Regina goes to visit Ty on the base (where he’s on motor pool, repairing humvees). Ty says, “Not everybody comes back damaged,” implying he doesn't need to talk about it.

The two then go to a movie together and, on the way home, Ty stops at a stop sign and gets a far off look on his face.

Bay rouses him from his thoughts and he tells her he doesn’t feel like talking. As Ty takes off his coat, Bay notices a tattoo of her Hammer Girl poster on his arm.

Tyler "Ty" Mendosa was a neighbor of the Vasquez family when they lived in East Riverside and is one of the two main male figures (the other being Emmett) in Daphne's life.

Regina used to have Ty take Daphne to screenings of Deafenstein at Carlton.

The two play more games together and Ty even helps Bay get a job at Maui Kansas because he's gotten to know the manager.

Bay then tells him to save any big romantic goodbye he may have prepared because if he tells her he loves her she'll be mad at him for leaving her and she'll be mad if he doesn't say he loves her. Ty tells her he had some the other night but didn't want to sleep with Bay without telling her about his enlistment. In Write a Lonely Soldier Bay, Daphne, and Regina spend much time worrying about Ty's safety when news surfaces that a helicopter carrying his military company went down in Afghanistan.

Ty says he won't say anything then and the two begin to make out. John uses his connections with a military general to ascertain that Ty is safe, which relieves both of his daughters. The two talk about the Hammer Girl Bay gave him (he put it on his unit's tank), and Bay tells Ty that she is dating Emmett Bledsoe. In Mother and Child Divided Bay's car breaks down right outside a theme park, Maui Kansas.

Ty later calls Bay saying that he thought he fixed his truck but broke down again on his way the way to Bay's house to apologize for his behavior when Bay offered him the money for his truck.

In Dance Amongst Daggers Bay tries to convince Ty to attend the Buckner Hall scholarship fundraiser but he rejects the offer saying it's not his scene.

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